An unforgettable trip created especially for the most demanding Americans

Sicilia: the true "made in Italy", experience, created for Americans

An all-inclusive trip, to live a lifetime experience in only a few days.

There are three types of Americans when we talk about Sicily:


Those who are fully aware this is one of the most magical experiences ever.


Those who are planning a trip but have not yet chosen Sicily.


Those who do not yet know that they will travel.

Whatever group you belong to you are now on one of those pages you need to save and keep in your browser bookmarks.

Some places simply need to be seen at least once in a lifetime, and Sicily is certainly one of them.

It is, in fact, an island that – due to its climatic characteristics, the way of life of its inhabitants, and the cuisine that distinguishes it – can offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

But if you think you’re coming to Sicily to have fun, you’re sadly mistaken!

You won’t because you’ll be too busy discovering the true essence of this island.

You will be too busy controlling your desire to try the irresistibly aromatic delicacies.

You’ll be eager to try them all and enjoy one of Italy’s richest and most flavorful culinary traditions.

There will be little time left to have fun, as you will inevitably be tempted by the unmistakable scents of the region’s most delicious grape varieties, ideal for accompanying unforgettable banquets.
And the Sicilian sun will shine on a show that your eyes will hardly want to miss: the dancing reflections of the sea at sunset, the wilderness of still uncontaminated territory, the old town centers of thousand-year-old cities, and the inimitable skyline of a smoking volcano.

And, not quite satisfied yet, you will meet unique people who will welcome you with smiles and open arms that you would have never expected to find so far from home.

All your senses will be caught up and drawn to new, unique, and special emotions, sensations, and experiences.

And only at the end of it all, will you discover that you had a really good time. And you will come to realize this once you are back home. Because when you look at the photos of your vacation in Sicily, you will notice that smile on your face.

Happy to have experienced this land in the only way it’s worth living it: carefree, wide-eyed, and wanting just a little bit more.

And then, you’ll imagine yourself again walking through the picturesque alleys of ancient villages, feeling the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on your skin and tasting the unmistakable flavors of Sicilian cuisine and wines.

A “local” guide will reveal the hidden secrets of Sicily to you


My name is Brittany Carlisi, an American in love with this island.

As soon as I discovered Sicily, I felt within me the desire to make this island accessible, in the best way possible, to my fellow Americans.

There is no such land in America!

Think of the vineyards in Santa Barbara, the Hawaiian volcanoes, the dazzling sun of Death Valley, the California beaches, or the blended cultures found in the Big Apple. Now multiply that beauty by ten, a hundred or a thousand… and there you have it: Sicily.

Unlike many travel agencies, what I wanted to build was a true and pure experience tailored to the needs of an American tourist.

Our tours, in this way, allow you to have unforgettable experiences, created by one of your fellow Americans who has fallen in love with this place and knows how to guide you in the best way possible.

So here's what is going to happen, in a nutshell,
on your trip here in Sicily:

It all starts with your desire to get in touch with us. And for that, here is a helpful form that I will link here..

We will listen to you to understand who you are, what you like, and what your expectations are. And yes: we promise we will exceed them!


Together we will craft your trip to Sicily, deciding on the stops, visits, and experiences that best suit your tastes. For a unique, once-in-a-lifetime trip!


So, let your journey begin! Upon your arrival in Italy, we will pick you up at the airport and take you to your planned accommodation.


A couple of signatures to take care of the bureaucratic procedures and off you go, free to enjoy Sicily!


Our guide, who speaks perfect English, will accompany you throughout your vacation. You will get to know her and, once you leave again, perhaps you will even miss her.


Yes, because sooner or later the journey will end. But you will notice that, with one foot already on the plane back, we will say goodbye with a hug and a wish to see each other again. 

These are some of the testimonials that those who have already been through one of the travel experiences we offer left for us:

Anyone who has already experienced our tours knows that what we give people is invaluable and is appreciated by all!
Joe Bastianich

I’ve worked with Brittany Carlisi for over a decade in the Italian wine business, both in events and sales. Brittany is an expert in Italian food, wine, and culture. She is the go-to person for an authentic, immersive experience regarding all things Italy, with an emphasis on Mount Etna. Brittany is a natural and charismatic host that uses her passion for creating a fun and educational environment for her guests.

Joe Bastianich

American restaurateur, winemaker, author, television personality and musician

Ben Picillo

Client Testimonial

We contacted Contessa Consulting to help organize visits to a few wine producers on Mt Etna. They planned a beautiful day for us visiting two wineries, both of which met the profile of producers we were interested in visiting, including delicious wine tastings and food! Cristian was incredibly communicative and easy to work with to meet our needs. One of our favorite days during our trip to Sicily!

Taylor Parsons

Client Testimonial - Los Angeles

We contacted Contessa Consulting to help organize visits to a few wine producers on Mt Etna. They planned a beautiful day for us visiting two wineries, both of which met the profile of producers we were interested in visiting, including delicious wine tastings and food! Cristian was incredibly communicative and easy to work with to meet our needs. One of our favorite days during our trip to Sicily!

Becca Cherry

Client Testimonial - California

Brittany planned an incredible day on Etna! She is connected to some of the best purveyors on the island, all of whom treated us like we were old friends. From exploring lava tunnels to eating ourselves silly at a pistachio farm in Bronte to learning how to make granita from a master, the day Brittany planned us on Etna was without a doubt one of the best days of our trip!


Client Testimonial - California

I highly recommend Contessa Consulting for your travel in Sicily. Brittany and Cristian put together a wonderful itinerary that felt like it was planned by a best friend, completely tailored to all my interests. We ate well, took in Mt Etna’s beautiful views, and learned so much about local life in Sicily. Unlike other tours that feel impersonal and run according to the convenience of the tour company, my experience with Contessa Consulting was the complete opposite. Their tours are personal and one-of-a-kind, often taking place in people’s kitchens and living rooms. I highly recommend Contessa Consulting for a unique and off-the-beaten-track adventure in Sicily.

Jennifer Larson

Client Testimonial - New York

Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful experience for us on Friday. The tours will forever be a cherished memory for me and my family. Everything has been beautiful on this island but the day we spent around Etna was truly something special.

Annabelle Allchin

Client Testimonial - Australia

Thank you for the amazing experience we had the best time, everything we had wished for and tried so many great wines. Cave ox was amazing too, we rolled out of the restaurant. No Fennell haha! Stay in touch and will make sure to reco you to others coming to Sicily 🍷

Stephen Castro

Client Testimonial - California

Thanks for the great Etna tours; Wineries were both very welcoming and had good pours to taste, Mt. Etna tour was also very good. A very nice day spent! Thanks for putting together such a great itinerary.


Client Testimonial - Los Angeles

I wanted to say how fantastic yesterday was. All parts of the experience were unique. Luca was an excellent guide on Etna. Emmanuele and his staff took great care of us with amazing food and wine. And lastly, our time with Alice was unique; we spent several hours just chatting about wine and tasting. Not to mention Patrick was a pleasure to ride with and gave us a native’s perspective on various topics about the island. Thank you for setting this all up on short notice! Lastly, Alice mentioned that you are trying to sell her wines for her in California. We would love to find out how we can purchase both her’s and Emmanuele’s wine.

A journey through the flavors and fragrances of a thousand-year-old land

The journey we will take together includes exclusive and unforgettable food and wine experiences.

Such little treasures are to be enjoyed and savored and will leave great memories and delightful sensations on the palate and in the heart.

Savor fine wines from local wineries, attend exclusive cookery classes to learn the secrets of this land’s traditional recipes, and be overwhelmed by the authentic flavors of arancini, pasta alla Norma, Sicilian cannoli, and the tastiest granita you’ve ever tasted.

Let your palate enjoy every nuance of flavor that Sicily’s many and varied vineyards offer. Fill your goblet with red wonder, white awe, and sparkling cheer.

Every sip, as well as every bite, will be a journey into the heart and soul of Sicily’s age-old culture.

Now put the goblet down and follow me! You won't regret it

There is more to Sicily than prestigious vineyards and great food

We will take you on an exploration of the natural, historical, and architectural wonders of this land: you will get to visit the ancient ruins of Agrigento in the Valley of the Temples, contemplate majestic Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, and discover the captivating Baroque cities of Noto and Modica.

Every corner of the island tells a story that is just waiting to be discovered, admired, and experienced.

Sicily is an incredible land, and you should never forget that it is an island, and as such, it is surrounded by vast stretches of water that can give you unique perspectives and breathtaking views that if you stay on the shore, you cannot even imagine.

If you want to experience them to the fullest, all you have to do is hop aboard a catamaran or luxury yacht and skirt the mesmerizing Sicilian shores.

Here is just a taste of the wonders that await you in Sicily:










            Salina Cruise


              Olive Oil Tasting


                Wine Tasting

                You will thus realize that there isn’t just one way to visit and discover Sicily and its most famous locations: Palermo, Trapani, Modica, Noto, Lipari and the Aeolian Islands, Marzamemi, Salina, and many other characteristic places you’ve probably never even heard of.

                You can cruise on crystal-clear waters, discover hidden caves, or enjoy a refreshing dip in secluded and picturesque coves, while surrounded by nature that is often still unspoiled.

                Or you can stay on board sipping good wine, and enjoying some delicious treats while being charmed by the slow rocking of the waters and a unique view of Sicily: the island seen through the eyes of its sea.

                We'll make you fall in love with Sicily

                We strongly believe that every trip should be enriching for those who make it, leaving a deep mark and enabling the traveler to change forever and to come home better than the person they were before departure.

                To do this, we have designed some tours that can make people experience, in a defined time, the main experiences, sensations, and emotions felt by those who enjoy Sicily every day.

                We deeply know this wonderful island in every one of its facets and wish to convey to you, too, our endless love for this land and its people, its many varieties of wine, and its unmistakable aromas and flavors.

                We want to share with you its most fascinating and best-kept secrets, with all-inclusive tours carefully planned down to the smallest details, designed to guarantee you maximum comfort and complete immersion in the local culture, offering you what you cannot find in most organized trips to this beautiful land.

                All you have to do is let the slow pace of the island envelop you and regenerate you. We'll take care of the rest!

                Enter your details and one of our consultants will contact you within the next 24/48 hours

                Your trip to Sicily starts from here

                Don’t miss the unique opportunity to live this experience authentically and unforgettably. 

                Fill out the form below to receive all the information you want about our all-inclusive tours.

                In 48h you will be contacted by a member of our staff who will be happy to take care of you and fully understand the kind of experience you are looking for.

                We will plan your dream trip together, and from that moment you will be able to start building new unforgettable memories.

                I look forward to meeting you face-to-face,

                Brittany Carlisi

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